Student Projects

FURSCA projects:

Beyer, Laura. A study in the personification of trees. FURSCA 2006 (Adviser: Prof. McCauley).

Huggett, Audrey. The Role of Nature and the Environment in Graphic Novels. FURSCA 2010 (Adviser: Nels Christensen)

Monroe, Katie. A Monograph of the Artist Betsy Damon. FURSCA 2012 (Adviser: Bille Wickre).

Environmental art made by students:

Ghost trees:

The white chalked tree that continues to be drawn on Seaton Hall is the last of many that were chalked on buildings across campus. These trees as a collective whole symbolize the trees that were removed to make space for these buildings and the developed ‘green-space’ of Albion’s central quad and areas around it.