Earth and the Environment

Bille Wickre, Art History Department, teaches ARTH 315: Earth Art and the Environment. This class examines American (U.S.) and European art and architecture that interacts with the environment and calls attention to the benefits and consequences of human interaction and the environment in a national and global context. The class focuses on art, architecture and design projects produced from 1960 to the present and materials that set the context for artistic concerns about the environment beginning in the nineteenth century.

After researching and reviewing artists in the realms of eco-art, bio-remediation and public art, students have taken to campus to engage in such projects, including initiating the following:

Fall ’13:

Students worked a problematic ran runoff location on campus adjacent to Campus Safety and the Biology Department’s greenhouse. This was identified as a “shovel ready” project by Geology professor Tim Lincoln earlier in the semester, and students excavated the area to make ready for natural, drought-resistant, native Michigan plantings to fill the space and manage runoff.