Albion City Community Projects

Albion Community Garden Movement
Yothers, Cody. Albion Community Gardening Network. FURSCA 2011 (Adviser: Dr. Pheley).

Spear-headed by Albion College alumni Cody Yothers (13′), Albion Community Garden movements created multiple urban garden cites throughout the city, many being cared for in civilian back-yards.

In 2012, Albion Gardens (then called Maria’s Garden), a local restaurant in Albion, sponsored their own “Pizza Garden”. Through this imitative, local children worked with adults in the garden, in which all ingredients needed to make a pizza were grown, harvested, and made into pizza’s at the end of the harvesting season.

Yothers also worked with David Green, director of the Whitehouse Nature Center, to install raised planter beds throughout the city

More information can be found at the Sustainable Albion Michigan Home Page.

Wildcat Gardens
Keener, Rachel. Girls, Food and Power: Reclaiming the Earth. FURSCA 2011 (Adviser: Trisha Franzen).

Initiated by Albion College professor Trisha Franzen, and Rachel Keener (’12), Wild Cat Gardens engaged the girls of Albion High School in a quarter-acre gardening program that was placed behind the Albion High School (now Albion’s K-8). The program promoted education about sustainable living and community-building among the girls enrolled at AHS.
More information about this program can be found here.

Dr. Franzen is now working running a similar program with the K-8 to engage both boys and girls in community and personal growth.