A bioswale is a man-made system designed to encourage the drainage of water through a series of sediments which slows the water and lets sediment sink. In this way, it acts as a biofilter, which helps prevent the sediment from entering river ways and diverts it from sewer and water treatment plants. Professor Tim Lincoln has expressed his concern about the timeline associated with the construction of these at Albion College, specifically that they will be thrown to the wayside of Albion projects. This project meshes nicely with the colleges current theme of sustainability. While plans are underway, there is still a lot that needs to be done to ensure that this is successful and benefits future generations.

Tim Lincoln and Doug White lead students on to explore the potential site for one of Albion's Bioswales

Doug White and Tim Lincoln show Albion students a potential bioswale behind Campus Safety.

Doug White showing a site for one of Albion’s potential new bioswales in Ferguson parking lot.