1986: “A Declaration of Interdependent: Society, Environment, and the Land Ethic” – a symposium in honor of the Aldo Leopold Centennial was held at Albion College.

1986: Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day, was the keynote speaker during the Aldo Leopold Centennial held at Albion College.

Late 1980s or early 1990s: German Professor Ingeborg Baumgartner started an initiative to raise awareness among the campus about enegery use by informing the campus about light use and attempting to have people turn off lights when they were not needed. This was due to the presence of incandescent light bulbs throughout Albion College’s campus at the time. Professor Baumgartner went about this task by placing stickers on light switches throughout campus. These stickers told people to turn off the lights. This aware of the impact that lights have on the environment. Today, the college has numerous programs around campus to reduce the carbon footprint of the college by making changes to the lighting around campus.